CARDS volunteer team award

Our team of almost 40 volunteers with CARDS has been awarded one of the 2015 Inspiring Volunteers awards. Here’s what it said in their citation.

“The team of volunteers provide a one-to-one support service to vulnerable people in Edinburgh who are identified as having, or being at risk of developing, Alcohol Related Brain Damage. They work with people when they are at their lowest and unable to think of a life without alcohol. The volunteers inject vibrancy, energy and enthusiasm into the organisation. Connecting these wonderful compassionate volunteers to those less fortunate in the community is a very simple but powerful model that works on a human and organisational level.”

“The volunteer team comprises psychology students, people with lived experience of alcohol issues, retired teachers, doctors, medical students, social care support workers, young mothers, international students and people who just believe in the power of volunteering. The volunteers have built relationships with people who are not ‘fitting’ existing services and are going unnoticed and uncared for as their needs grow and become more complex. The volunteers work with each client to build a pathway back to a better quality of life. This may include practical help, emotional support, social activities. They have put in place a real ‘social security’ that works for the clients, providing a consistent presence they can turn to, relate to, trust and rely on.”

Congratulations to the team and all the award winners on the night.