One to One Support Alcohol

“It’s up to me to change,” Mike

CARDS works with people in Edinburgh who have a problematic long-term history of alcohol use. It’s a volunteer-led service which focuses on people who find it hard to get physical or emotional help elsewhere because they choose to continue drinking.

Rowan Alba and CARDS, however, respect the right of everyone to make their own decisions in life. What Cards volunteers do is offer support, information and alternatives to help the people themselves make healthier life choices and, when they are ready, move their lives on.

Volunteers work to build the clients’ self-esteem, confidence and social skills, often addressing health and financial issues on the way towards more independence.



Cards operate on a first come, first served basis. We are constantly recruiting volunteers and, as soon as they have successfully completed our recruitment and training process, they are matched with Cards clients.

Currently, we have 40 volunteers, with another 5 going through recruitment and training.

We have 20 people waiting to be matched with a volunteer.

This means referrals can take over 6 weeks to process. It also means, if you are thinking of volunteering, there are people waiting for you – so please get in touch!

You can volunteer to join the team here.

Visit our C.A.R.D.S Video on our Rowan Alba Youtube Channel!

C.A.R.D.S Staff Team : Tracey Stewart (Volunteers Co-Ordinator); Lucy Atkinson (Admin Officer), Gillian McNicoll (Support Worker) Tel: 0131 229 7554, David Milne (Peer Support Worker) Tel : 07881 503 862.